Dj Lalo

  • Dj Lalo-El-Bandido
  • Peru/Netherlands
DJ Lalo has an amazing passion for vinyls after his trip back home to Peru a few years back has been hooked in to the vinyl seduction. Lalo is an all rounder as a Dj being able to play various sub genres of latin music. I had a chance to meet Lalo years ago when he was one of the first in to video mix live clips on a giant screen. From those times Lalo has developed quite an apetite for latin vinyl records.

Lalo & his partner Dj Willy also run an event in the Netherlands called "The Vinyl Experience". where the overall concept of the event is djing purely with vinyl records keeping it a ratio of 90% salsa to 10 % bachata. 

Dj Lalo has an extremely good ear for music to the extreme of being able to breakdown audio engineering tricks and also orquestas mistakes and magic in detail within the older recordings. During our recent conversation he was pointing out a backing vocal that is almost ghost sounding in a few of the "Barretto" recordings like "Mirame de Frente". 

I hope you enjoy this mans passion and soul he has put in to his mix and I am sure we are going to see more of this man in the future. 

Gracias Lalo for your contribution to keeping the art alive. 

DJ LALO 45rpm selection

Lalo its great to hear you make shout outs and drops and effects throughout this mix from your 45s. I especially enjoyed hearing Annie at the end of the mix. I felt as if I was in your club when you put this mix together brother. Thanks for keeping it real and special right from your salsa soul Lalo.

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