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Dj Duste - Frijoles Con Salsa Sampler @ 56kbs

Nothing extremely rare at all just tunes that I felt like listening to Chilling on a Saturday afternoon unpacking my bags from a gig. Of course the recording is at only 56kbs mp3 quality to avoid biters. 1 love Duste! Blessings Enjoy!

Lina Panchano with Lucho Macedo Orquesta - Moliendo Cafe rmx

Latin Connection - Fuego Rmx

Dj Duste Reunion

Dj Duste - Afrenibbean Latin 45s

When you watch television or in about your business no matter where you may find yourself ask yourself this question. If you hear a resemblance or a hint of a clave, montuno sounding or perhaps the tumbao do you stop and try and locate the source?

Well now imagine yourself visiting an African/Caribbean festival or country you were to join and the line up played.

The 45's selected below are from mostly African, Caribbean or French origin. You should however be able to hopefully be able relate and enjoy these grooves all whilst still being able to dance latin steps, salsa, cha cha...perhaps?

The inspiration for this mix was to simply be able to escape to a different stop or destination that maybe we wouldn't normally choose ourselves.

Try and keep an open frame of mind to be able to invite these sounds to your souls. Hope you dig it!

Below is an older bonus set I put together for the cool cats and afro caribbean giants Hugo Mendez & the "SOFRITO" crew. 

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