Dj EricB

  • Name: Dj Eric B
  • Country: Netherlands

Eric B is currently residing and based in the Netherlands after djing for several years and living in the US. I am sure that you by now must of at least caught on of his several amazingly awesome energetic video clips presentations on his youtube channel. EricB has been presenting beautiful tunes that he has been stumbling across on through his years of collecting records educating audiences worldwide.

Not only does he just dig salsa but also enjoys genres across the board and has a great knowledge of music history that carries with. I am sure you are bound to educate yourself and leave with some knowledge once you meet this character in one way or another due to the experience this gentleman withholds.

Thank you Eric for representing this amazing music to its highest standards and you always say my man "keeping it real"!

"Check out Eric's work his magic on the classic by "Machito", "Dale Jamon". Enjoy how he has re-edited the track allowing it to adapt better for the dance floor". Nicely done sir!

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