Andres Giraldo "Dj Sonerito"

  • Andres Giraldo "Dj Sonerito"
  • Colombia/Boston USA

Andres Giraldo "Dj Sonerito" is based out of Boston and definitely means business when it comes to collecting and also dancing. 

His roots see him coming from Colombia, the mother land of salsa. This is evidently present with the collection and selection this gentleman has provided us with in his fine vinyl set.

Andres first started to collect music for some years now, before dancing and performing with his well known dance group "Salsa y Control". 

Here are few words from Andres below himself. 

"Its been an amazing the journey we have taken and how much we have grown. Salsa music/dance is more than just that. Its a way of live for us, man this music is amazing and we keep pushing it here in Boston. We have our dance social were the main focus is the vinyl and its collectors. we have a bunch here. DJ Saoko, DJ D Martinez, DJ Rob, Travis D, Walter M & of course my brother Dj Johnny G". 

Thank you for your dedication and contribution with such fine vinyls Mr. Andres "Dj Sonerito". 

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