Olav wo gern Schwoft

  • Olav Wo Gern Schwoft
  • Germany

"Olav Wo Gern Schwoft " which means "Olav where likes to dance". 

I bumped in to Olav by chance online when he had just posted some nice records for sale on random FB group. A few days had passed and I'd realized that Olav had uploaded a tropical mix to his mixcloud, which I dug very much.

I gladly contacted Mr Olav and asked him if would like to also put a mix together for the site where he thankfully gladly agreed.

Olav spins a mixed bag of latin cuts ranging from Cumbia, Salsa, Mambo, Latin Jazz and so on. His background stems from Northern and Rare Soul, and he likes to put it he plays tunes that makes you groove and move.

Prepare your ears ladies and gents for a real treat here from Olav. Thank you so much for your contribution to the site sir.

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